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Audi Southern Sales in Trinidad & Tobago

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Audi Southern Sales in Trinidad & Tobago

Southern Sales & Service Company Limited was founded in 1952 by the late Aziz Ahamad in an attempt to diversify his civil engineering business and got involved in the automotive industry. Southern Sales has weathered the storms of the last 65 years and has grown into one of the premier automotive dealerships in Trinidad & Tobago representing global brands including Audi, Mazda, Kia and Isuzu and employs over 475 persons in its various locations throughout the island. It continues to hold a strong position in an industry in which competition is more intense than ever and customer satisfaction is paramount.

Despite aggressive competition from other new and foreign used vehicle dealers, we continue to increase our market share which now stands at 28.3%. Over the years, the Group has expanded into rental and leasing of vehicles and now has a fleet of over 1200 vehicles, serving corporate clients of both local and international companies. We also expanded into the financing of motor vehicles with our successful finance arm Caribbean Finance Company Limited.
Superior service to our customers has been one of our most important goals and as a result, we have invested heavily in upgrading our service facilities and developing our human resources. We are committed to satisfying our customer needs and increasing their expectations.

Southern Sales & Service Co. Ltd. was appointed the local Audi importer and dealer in May 1998. The Audi Model line consists of five elegant cars – A3 Sedan & Sportback, A4 sedan, A5 Coupe & Sportback, A6 sedan, A7 Sportback, A8 Limousine, TT, Q3, Q5 & Q7. Located on Richmond Street, Port of Spain, Audi has its exclusive state of the art showroom and service centre. Southern Sales and Audi were recipients of Audi International Sales performance awards awarded Best Customer Service for Spare Parts by Audi. Southern Sales service is backed up by Audi's head office service and training. We feature a real-time process for solving customer problems with on-line connection with Audi international and our technicians are provided with up-to-the-moment Audi repair and service training.

Audi models have continued to dominate the Trinidad market with the Q3 & Q7. With the introduction of the all-new Q5 it is expected this will soon be the leader in its class. The current position in the local market and with Audi’s global leadership in pioneering advanced technologies utilized in the international arena applying it to all its production models such as the innovative Audi Space Frame, in the A8 and TT, TFSI Technology in all models and optional quattro, this dominant market position is expected to be maintained with further acceptance of the brand and its models in the future.