Audi’s Warranty

More kilometres with no hassle!

Applicable to all 2016 models, Audi extents the warranty for its vehicles to 4 years or 80,000 kilometres (whichever comes first), backing with this extended coverage the brand's quality level and reliability. We are the only Premium brand on the market that has this additional advantage, translated into greater peace of mind and security for our customers. 

We offer you:

• The warranty ends in 4 years or when the vehicle has 80,000 kilometres.
• Long Term Audi Quality. Reliability in our vehicles.
• Peace of mind for possible repairs or unexpected expenses.
• Better re-sale value: Stability on your Audi value because the Extended Warranty is linked to your vehicle even if it is sold.
• The Audi Extension is valid for all 2016 Audi models.
• 2 year mechanical warranty, original parts and accessories, with no limitation on the vehicle mileage.
• 3 year warranty on paint.
• Thanks to the total galvanization, 12 year body warranty against corrosion perforation.

This warranty covers all pieces and components and the hand-labor involved on the repairing. It is applicable only if your vehicle has its updated maintenance plan and it was done by an Audi Authorized Dealer.

Changing the owner does not affect the rights and obligations of the Warranty. The Warranty given to the original owner is transferable to the following ones, within the time limits of the Warranty Certificate.

If you have any questions about the year or your Audi make, please contact your Audi Authorized Dealer and keep handy the Vehicle Chassis Number (VIN).

Stop worrying right from the beginning.